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Vision Board Party?

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Today as I played around with my favorite social media sites (read= twitter and Pinterest), I got a great idea about vision boards. Actually, the background story to this is really sad in that I bought a white, thick, cardstock board almost a year ago and was supposed to create a vision board. I even went as far as to get my daughter one and continue to save all of my magazine subscriptions. Now, almost a year later, I am moving and have thrown all of my magazines into a trash box to be disposed of when I come across an article on vision board parties. Wow! I now have to find the exact trash box that I taped up to retrieve my magazines because I am re-inspired.

So, why did I lose motivation the last time? Because I over thought it. I wanted to plan it out so that it would be just right and done in the most creative way imaginable. In order to plan it perfectly, I would need time which is short in supply. So, I kept putting the plan off, therefore putting off the actual task. With the move coming up, I realized that I would like to host this event and other similar events just like it, but first I will have to complete my own vision board. When I am done, I will definitely share with you. So, until then…Pinterest!

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