Juicing & Fasting

I have embarked on a new mission which is totally new to me. One of the mantras that I told myself I would live by is to only worry about what I can control and what I can’t control to let be. What can I control?  Well, here is the list:

  1. What I do to my body
  2. The type of employee that I am
  3. Studying for my MBA
  4. Parenting my children
  5. My relationship with the Lord & attendance at church
  6. Educating myself
  7. What I put into my body
  8. What I say out of my mouth (this is sometimes harder than I would like for it to be)
  9. What I create
  10. Going for my dreams

Now, let’s pay attention to number five and ten.  Since last year I have been eating healthier and trying new vegetables even though I haven’t gotten on the working out kick yet.  I will get there in due time.  Anyway, I have always wanted to do something special for my parents and right now they are going through a challenging situation and unfortunately, I cannot provide the money that they need so, I have decided to give up solids for seven days and juice, all while praying and meditating on my parents receiving what they need. 

It is day one and it was harder than I thought.  I already cheated and had a french onion soup.  I started off with a juice this morning that included:

10 carrots, 1 red apple, 1 green apple , coconut milk, and 1 mango.

It was delicious!!

I also made two other juices and saved some of them for tomorrow.  One of the juices was Dr. Oz’s Green Drink.  I did it just as he said and I must admit that I might have added a little too much lemon and lime because it is really tart.  It still tastes delicious but be forewarned.

The other juice that I made included:

4 carrots, 1 pear, 1 green apple, 1 red apple, coconut water, ginger, kale, and celery.

This was also a great drink.  If I keep up with all of these green drinks, I might turn green myself.



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