Life in Perspective (Part of a Series)

I have been “snowed-in” for the past few days and have completed a lot of homework for my new graduate degree that I’m working on.  I have also pinned a lot on Pinterest.  In keeping this post short, I was able to sit down with my daughter and go through these pictures and ask her thoughts on what she saw.  This was a very enlightening moment as she realized that the world was actually as big as she was being told.  Kids are so visual and no matter how many reports they have to write on globalization and multiculturalism, it always hits home when they get to “see” it.  The best is when they can experience.  I wanted to share with you what I shared with her from a site called

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Classic Teen Reads

I love Pinterest and anyone that has read my blog and visited my page knows this.  This is where I get inspired and I am able to create an online scrapbook.  Well, much to my daughter’s chagrin, I came across a list of high school must-reads to revisit.  Of course, as I was combing through the list, I became giddy with joy at the thought of reading these books again with my daughter; we would have our own mommy/daughter book club.  I am sure that she will not read them all during her four years in high school (she is currently in 8th grade).  So, why not get a head start on them now together.  When I shared the “good news” she sighed.  The truth is that she always huffs and puffs at my suggestion for reading material but, then she becomes enthralled and starts to ask me questions.  I never let her abandon a book unless I can tell that it is completely over her head.  Right now she is wrapping up “Of Mice and Men”.  Then we can start on the list!  Yippee!

The Best Movie this Season Thus Far

Courtesy of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Courtesy of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I had to write this post as I am nearing the end of the best movie this season thus far.  Every winter, around the holidays, I watch all of the Christmas movies that I can find on Lifetime, ABC Family, Hallmark, and Hallmark Movie Channel.  The kids and I love to watch these movies together because they get us into the holiday spirit and come are inspirational. Another channel which is new and I have not had a chance to pay as much attention to is UP, which I am sure has great programming too.

Anyway, a dream of mine would be to write a story that would be adapted into a movie for one of these channels. Each year, they outdo themselves. My cousin in New York and I call and compare notes on the best movie or what we are currently watching. As I type this post, I am watching “The Christmas Secret” on the Hallmark Movie Channel. It is a moving story of a single mother with two children who moves to a town to reconnect with lost family. Her humble and determined nature sets her up for fortune that she could never have imagined. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

The iPhone 6

Yesterday, a thought passed through my mind that I should get the new iPhone 6.  Of course a marketing email sent by Apple spurred this thought.  But, that’s neither here nor there.  I usually try to educate myself before making big purchases and as I have already mentioned in previous posts, I’m really focused on owning my own home.  Saving money is challenging when not enough of it is coming in so, I have to be really careful what I spend my money on.

I called T-Mobile and spoke to one of their sales representatives and she explained that I could turn my iPhone 5s in and switch out for the new phone.  It sounded easy enough until I started asking other questions like:  how much money do I still owe on my current phone, how much would my bill increase, what is the difference in original price between the two phones, and what was so much better about the iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s.  save-money1

What it came down to would be starting all over on a new, more expensive (by $50) payment plan, adding about $3 to my monthly bill for a phone that really only has a faster processing system.

After knowing this, I went into the store and spoke with a salesman who showed me how big the new iPhone was.  Wow!  Too big for me.  After more probing, he finally said that he didn’t think it was worth it and to save my money.  That’s just what I did and I am so proud of myself.Lesson to all who read this: Dig a little deeper and keep your cash in your pocket.

The REAL Reason the Narcissist Comes Back After No Contact

Wow! Please read this article.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Did your Narcissist recently leave you for a new lover and is now having “second thoughts”?  Or, did you finally leave and are now being stalked like an episode of Investigation Discovery, complete with love-bombing and hoovering to the nth degree?

vintage marionette Vintage Marionette

As convincing as it may seem, this has nothing to do with love.  Every single action employed by the Narcissist stems from a pathological need to control others.  In order to prove your love to a Narcissist, you must surrender all power and control to them and become a real-life Marionette, whose only purpose is to enhance the Narcissist’s false image, take care of their every need, and accept their self-serving abuse.

The Narcissist has no real identity, only an illusion of themselves built on their ability to control other people.  When they lose said control, this illusion is shattered.  This explains why they shift into turbo gear when you…

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Tax Free Weekend

I have just returned from my first day out on tax-free weekend. My daughter and I went to Wal-Mart and bought her school supplies. It wasn’t too crowded but, I am sure that tomorrow will be a different story. Tomorrow, we have to tackle buying sneakers. I am hoping that I come out of this entire weekend without any mental of emotional scars :-). Anyway, this is a short post to let you know when your tax-free weekend will be, if it has not already occurred.

States offer tax-free shopping – Jul. 31, 2013

Taking a Dip in the Talk Radio Pool by Star Brantley


Greetings, I am Star Brantley and I am the independent producer and  host of a talk-radio show titled “Own Your Joy“, based in Los Angeles, and accessible worldwide via internet. We cover topics on new age thought, positive thinking, wealth building, inspiration, and motivation, in an upbeat and uplifting hour-long segment. The goal of the shows platform is to uplift the heartbeat of the world and in doing so reaching over 92 countries worldwide. It is essential for us to remember who we are and stay empowered in following our dreams and aspirations no matter what.

How did I get started?

Ironically the passion for talking and outreach came from NOT having the liberty to do so growing up with particular people (family) that I wanted to reach the most. Emotionally those experiences put me in an isolated place that inadvertently became my biggest asset when it came to reaching people through the radio waves and receiving a response.  The initial “response” was the kicker, the adrenaline rush, the momentum it took to allow me to tap into my spirit self and have a moment of truth, the moment of “I love this”.  I have always being an avid talker and problem-solver amongst my peers; so it became second nature to me to get those attributes out via radio, a platform that allowed me to reach the familiar and unfamiliar people in one shot. Having time to find myself in the wonderful city of  Los Angeles, I never really found it in my nature to stick with formality or play-by-play rules when it came time to produce my show.  My thought process was, if comedians can be incognito, and just “wing it” on “stage” then why not me!!  Just let the natural energy of abundance, thinking, and mindset pour through my interviews, conversations, and interactions on air with callers. Naturally the unscripted magic would ensue.

What advice would I give to aspiring artists?

Truly, the heart of the message I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers, is what Nike said best and it holds ever so true…”Just Do It!” Do what you love and what feeds your spirit and without any resistance, the universe will find a way to gift you with everything you need, be it monetary physical, or emotional pushing you to the next level. Everything is Energy!!  And this folks is what we LOOOOVE to talk about!!

What are my goals for the radio platform? 

I am in pursuit of taking my program to the next level and in doing so, obtaining the support of nationwide sponsors, business owners, and big dreamers and big thinkers alike. Individually, through the use of our hearts and minds we can do, achieve, and be anything. TOGETHER we become most powerful. (Networking) Unity is the key.

My mantra is to “OWN YOUR JOY…ITS YOURS”

Peace, Love, and Joy, Joy, Joy!


Retro Summer Fun!!

Retro Summer Fun!!

MaxMara jump suit
$530 –

Eight Sixty romper

Saggy pants

Dorothy perkin
$28 –

Anthony peto

$180 –

Helene Berman floppy hat
$150 –

Jack will

Floppy hat
$28 –

Floppy hat
$28 –

Lalù floppy hat
$21 –

Fedora hat

My 1st Twitter Chat


OMG! I am so ecstatic about the new community of writers that I have joined.  I have been looking for a group of professionals who share the same goals as mine and that is to publish their work and receive feedback on current projects.  I am new to Twitter this year and it was one of the best decision that I made as far as social media is concerned (not including Pinterest).  Tonight I just wrapped up my first twitter chat with #TeachersWrite.  It was the first time that I have ever been involved with something like this and in the same year as my attendance at NVWP.

I believe that it is important to share your dreams, goals, and fears with others that can support you and provide the feedback that you need to excel.  For the past couple of years I have been complaining that in addition to my constant procrastination and overwhelming supply of ideas and concepts that never reach fruition, I do not have a community of like-minded individuals.  This could be the difference between being unpublished and published for me!

So, what’s the deal with #teacherswrite? It is a summer PD that allows teachers, librarians, and anyone to come together and go through the writing process just as their students would.  There are daily prompts and opportunities for feedback on your personal projects.  Currently, I am in the process of completing my poetry book and having a difficult time securing a stable photographer.  I am also working on a YA novel along with the curriculum for my middle school creative writing summer program (to launch in 2014).  Wow!  That’s a lot and of course I am in graduate classes online and teach an online course.  Let’s not forget my two kiddo’s. Whew!

This is why I tend to procrastinate on the writing (especially the novel) because time slips away from me.  So every now and then throughout the course of the summer, I may post some of my responses to the writing prompts here on my blog.  Here’s to a wonderful, productive, and creative summer.


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