Deal with a long commute?

CommuteAs I was driving to work today, I realized how much I appreciate my fairly new, shorter commute. I used to travel over 3 hours both ways to and from work. I was able to reduce that to an hour to and from work and now I am down to 15 minutes! I look back at that time and wonder what I could have done with all of that time. Of course, I came up with a list that I’d like to share to maybe make someone else’s commute more productive.

1. Learn a language– Can anyone say Rosetta Stone?
2. Listen to a book on tape– Preferrable classical literature. This would be a great time to catch up on some of those titles that you skimmed over in high school.
3. Learn new skills– pop in a cd and learn about meditation, sociology, marketing.
4. Inspire yourself– Do you dream of owning your own business? Get some Ted Talks downloaded to your iPod and play them through your radio.
5. Got young kids in the car? – inspire them and play motivational speeches, books on CD, or learn that new language with them.
6. Have tweens or high schooler’s in the car? – turn off everything (including your cellphone) and listen to them. Have some heart-to-hearts and just…listen.

I look back on all of those hours jamming to music or chatting on the phone (using my bluetooth of course) and look at it as time wasted. Who could I be today if I had used that time more productively? How much more secure and close can you and your kiddo be, if you make that time about them? This is a short list but, I would love to hear some other suggestions. Don’t be afraid to share.

Author: singlewritermama

This single, writer, mama is all about living life to the fullest and realizing her dreams. My pursuit of making a living as a writer from home so that I can do what I love while spending more time with my kids is the biggest dream that I have. My journey is not unusual but, my experiences are unique. I'm learning new things everyday, strengthening my spirit, and having a fun time while doing so. I just want to take you along for the ride. Maybe we can share and grow together.

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