Figuring out WordPress

Okay, for the past two days I have been trying to set up this blog and trying to make it appear the way that I want it; I am not succeeding.  In between this time I have been applying to about 20 freelance gigs and praying for the best.  I see now that the applying to the gigs is a lot easier than setting up this blog.  I will need to make a trip to Barnes & Noble or meet with a WordPress expert.  It is a shame because I am the type of person who can usually figure something out in a reasonable amount of time.  I just want my home page to be listed first and not have the term category archives at the top.  I would like to post to each individual page but, I realize that it is more trouble than it’s worth right now.  I will attack that obstacle at a much later date; I just want to keep posting and sharing.

So, onto other matters.  I’m getting really nervous about this new bundle of joy that will be joining my mini-family very soon.  He has been moving in there all day and usually he is not this active.  I guess it is a good thing because his movements remind me that I want to be with him and my daughter as much as possible.  This requires me to buckle down and put my business plan into action.  I have finally ordered business cards and secured a website, tomorrow I will set that up.  I think that the corner I felt I was backed into is making me push harder.  This single writer mama is on a mission and I will not quit until one of my dreams come to fruition.

In the meantime, I will keep you up to date.  I’m sure you want to know all about my struggles and laugh out loud experiences.  Chat with you soon!

Author: singlewritermama

This single, writer, mama is all about living life to the fullest and realizing her dreams. My pursuit of making a living as a writer from home so that I can do what I love while spending more time with my kids is the biggest dream that I have. My journey is not unusual but, my experiences are unique. I'm learning new things everyday, strengthening my spirit, and having a fun time while doing so. I just want to take you along for the ride. Maybe we can share and grow together.

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